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FAQ : Subscription

What is subscription ? How does it work ?

A subscription license of a plug-in requires payment in advance for one year. You can select renewal process either “Auto Renew” or “Renew by Maunal”. If your initial order was placed by 31st March 2024, the original setting is “Auto renew”. You will receive a reminder mail in 30 days prior to subscription expiration date. The renewal will be processed automatically on the day of expiration. Once the process is completed, you will receive a renewal order notice and an invoice by e-mail.

In case your initial order was placed on or after 1st April 2024, “Auto renew” is OFF in the default setting. 
This means the renewal of plug-in is non-automatic but by your manual operation. You will receive a reminder mail in 30 days prior to subscription expiration date. If you wish to extend the subscriptioin, you can proceed renewal at our online store. Once the process is completed, you will receive a renewal order notice and an invoice by e-mail.

You can determine your renewal modes by activate or deactivate “Auto renew” .
You may log in “My Account” and go to “Subscriptions”. When you select a subject order, you can update “Auto renew” at your preference. If you toggle on, Auto renew is active. On the other hand, if you toggle off, Auto renew is deactivate. You can renew your subscriptions by manual.

When will my license expire?

Your Subscription license will be valid for one year from the day of purchase.
Eg ; If you placed an order on Feb. 4th 2021, it will be valid until Feb. 3rd 2022. Unless you cancel the subscription, the renewal for another year will process automatically on Feb. 4th 2022. The charge will also occur on Feb. 4th 2022. You can check your expiration date on “My Account“.

I purchased a plug-in from a distributor. How can I renew my subscription?

If you purchased from a distributor, your subscription will not renew automatically. Please kindly contact your distributor and order another year’s subscription.

How can I edit my billing information?

Please log in to “My Account“. Click “Subscription” on the left in the page. Then, you will click “change payment”. So that you can change the information.

I want to move my plug-in’s license to a new computer from my old one.

Please kindly Read this page.

I need your invoice for my order.

Please log in to “My Account” and click  Subscriptions > View > Invoice. You can obtain the invoice in PDF.

Do you offer any method of payment other than credit card?

We can also offer other payment methods. Please contact us.

FAQ : Install / Uninstall

How to install / uninstall

How to authenticate a plug-in with subscription license

How many computers can I install the plug-in with one license?

You can install to up to two computers that you own with one license. However, the plug-in can’t be launched on those two at the same time. Please read End User License Agreement for more information about our license policy.

Adobe Illustrator crashes when I load the plug-in.

A wrong version of plug-in may be installed. Please install the right version of plug-in that is compatible with your Adobe Illustrator.

My serial number / ID doesn’t work.

Please copy and paste your numbers without space. Besides, please make sure that you are entering the numbers to the right plug-in’s authentication window.

I get an error message “Warning: Unknown Error (0)” and authentication fails.

The connection to authentication server seems to be blocked for some reasons. Please kindly check your network whether your computer is in active environment. Otherwise, your security software or firewall may be the reason. Please kindly consult with your system administrators to allow connection to the server. In case you can’t identify the server to allow please contact us.

I lost my serial number.

Please log in to “My Account“. Click “My Subscription” on the left in the page. Scroll down to “Related orders” and click “View”. You can find the serial numbers of your purchased licenses.

The plug-in doesn’t appear in Adobe Illustrator after the install was completed successfully.

Please make sure that the Adobe Illustrator you just launched is the version you installed the plug-in. Besides, please make sure that the right plug-in is installed.

The texts are garbled.

The plug-in may not be installed properly. Please close Adobe Illustrator completely and reinstall. If you are on Windows, please make sure that the downloaded file is completely unzipped before install.

How can I get the user’s manual?


The plug-in’s tools are not showing in the Toolbar.

Please turn on Adobe Illustrator’s “Advanced” option in the following :
Window > Toolbars > Advanced

The plug-in’s panel is empty.

When you launch the plug-in for the first time, the panel could be shown as an empty window without any button or tools. To fix this issue, please try dragging the lower corner of the panel window. The size of the window will change.

I still have inquiries.

Please contact us from here. If you are having any errors with our plug-in and need technical supports, please kindly take a screen capture and send it to us at .
We will get back to you soon.