History of iPM

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Here, we would like to explain about the history of iPM. How the idea came up and how the develpment was progressed.
The first cocept of iPM was invented by a clothing pattern creator, Mr. Koichi Tamaki, in the 90s.

When he discovered Macintosh and Adobe Illustrator (AI), he was fascinated by the beauty of Bezier curves. The software is easy to use the the convenience of digital technology was outstanding. However, there was one critial issue that could not be ignored. The software did not have a function to measure curves which was actually essential for pattern drafting.

Koichi could not give up the cominbation of pattern drafting and AI. Then he decided to consult his former colleague, Takanori Igarashi. Takanori was running Baby Universe Inc. as a digital design company. Both of them wanted to improve usage of AI and decided to develop a plug-in together. It took few years to lunch the first product.
In 1996, the first iPM tool named Segment Tools was completed. iPM was gradually welcomed by designers and creators who were looking for a new way of pattern drafting other than using CAD systems with high introductory costs.

Furthermore, the new develpment of plug-in software brought another progress. The development of iPM led Takanori to turn his compnay in to new approach.
Baby Universe Inc. has been developped as a software development company particulary focusing on vector graphics.

Koichi has been using iPM to create his top quality clothes all through his professional career including his long time role as the chief pattern maker at The North Face.

Company Profile

Company NameBaby Universe Inc.
Address5F 1-1-2 Kugenuma Tachibana, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Pref., 251-0024 Japan
Phone Number+81-466-55-3000 *For any inquiries please contact by email. Thank you.
Foundation DateSeptember 4th, 1992