iPM Plug-in Products

iPM has 4 plug-in products which are necessary for pattern drafting in Adobe Illustrator (AI) – They are for, Measurement, Seam margin, Object organizing and Plotting out.

Segment Tools ipm plug-in

Segment Tools

This is the essential iPM plug-in for pattern making in Adobe Illustrator (AI).

Our Segment Tools can add AI the most important function for pattern drafting : the precise measurement of lines. You can measure any complex lines and curves with this Plug-in. Moreover, you can also create accurate notches.

Sean Allowance tools ipm plug-in

Seam Allowance Tools

You can create precise and beautiful seam allowances instantly with this iPM plug-in.

Using this plug-in, you can create seam allowances for your patterns with just a few clicks. Even complex shaped seam allowance and corner processing, you can create without effort.

DB palette ipm plug-in

DB Palette

Don’t waste your time on searching for data

With DB Palette, you can save and organize those objects which you frequently use. The design parts such as pockets, collars, sleeves, etc., can be quickly found and placed by drag & drop.

ALPLOT-Pro ipm plug-in


A plotter driver for Adobe Illustrator (AI)

AIPLOT-Pro allows you to plot out your patterns (ai files) directly from AI to a cutting plotter. The operation window is easy to use.