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“When I was looking for something more rational and of higher quality, I naturally came to iPM. And I became an independent. “

by Ai Namiki

Ai Namiki,
A pattern creator / editor, independent

Ms. Ai Namiki is an independent pattern creator / editor. She used to work for a publishing company, where she created paper patterns pieces. At the company, she had to apply a time-consuming method of tracing hand drawn patterns with Adobe Illustrator (AI). She felt the process was not efficient. Having used AI in per carrier, she started looking for a better way with the software. Then she came across iPM.

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Pattern drafting with iPM

With iPM, Ai became able to create patterns, grading, and explanatory drawings all by herself. Three weeks of her work was reduced to three days.

She talks about how iPM improved her work: “First of all, Segment Tools is an indispensable plug-in. Since AI does not equip, we can not mesure curves, which is the most fundamental step in pattern-making. By accurately measuring the length, you can match the length of the sewn lines, such as the sleeves. It is also convenient to create notches in an instant, which used to take a lot of time.”

Besides, Aki continues that “Seam Allowance Tools is also my favorite. Once I set up the seam allowance command, I can apply it to all sizes, which is very convenient. The seam allowance can also be created with the offset function in AI, but this plug-in is the only tool that can handle the corners, such as making a precise 90-degree angle and flipping the seam. Accurate corners are critical to the finish of the garment.”

iPM has helps Ai to be an independent patterner.

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Now that she could manage everything by herself, she decided to become an independent.
“I would not prefer to be tied to the past and not progressed. Learning new things for my own improvement is very meaningful to me.” Ai says. “When I was looking for something more rational and of higher quality, I naturally came to iPM. And I was able to become an independent. I am now free from a company and can control my own life. This makes me so motivated to challenge the new world.”