Don’t waste your time on searching for data.

DB Palette is a database plug-in that you can store any image data in one place. You can organize items that you commonly use in your projects and take them out instantly when needed.
You will no longer say “In which folder did I save that image?”

Supported data:
Objects drew by Illustrator / Texts / any image objects (EPS, JPG, GIF, PNG etc.) / Illustrator patterns / clipping mask / gradation / blend / brush

Place an object by Drag & Drop

To register, just select an image and press a registration button in DB Palette. To use the registered image, just drag and drop the image on the art board.

Help fashion designers

DB Palette is helpful for organizing following image objects :

  • Pattern pieces
  • Parts like pocket, buttons etc.
  • Direction texts and illustrations for spec sheet

Easy to find the item

DB Palette has following features that help you instantly find the image even there are numerous objects registered.

– Keyword search
– Organize images by folder and groups
– Sorting out by name

Product Information

Product NameDB Palette
Price$99.00/year (Annual subscription)
System RequirementsMac/Win OS that can properly run one of the following versions of Adobe Illustrator :
Macintosh : Adobe Illustrator CC2022 (v26 and later)
Windows : Adobe Illustrator CC2022 (v26 and later)
For Illustrator 2021, only the version 25.4.1 is supported.